Document management software is the software solution to managing your paperwork. You rely less on hard copy document processing and physical storage while unleashing the power of automation for greater efficiency and security.

If you’re not using document management software, you have to file all of your documents in folders, file drawers, and file cabinets. You need a reliable, mistake-proof paper filing system.

Document management software also protects data. If an information breach involves personal medical data, you will find your organization could face heavy HIPAA fines and time-consuming remedial actions. You can also expect a call from state or federal enforcers if you compromised sensitive financial and personal data of your employees or customers. Here are a few ways you can avoid security threats with document management software.

Protection Against Misfiling and Loss

Document management software ensures no crucial documents are misplaced. The software not only keeps track of these documents but also backs them up for extra loss prevention. The elimination of human error is a vital piece of document management software and serves as the base of the solution.

Control Access and Security

Without document management software, anyone can open a file cabinet drawer and mistakenly dump (or purposely steal) sensitive documents. With document management software, you can safeguard each document with access restrictions allowing only authorized individuals to view, alter, or delete the documents. Controlling access and security is yet another reason why this software can help your business avoid potential security threats.

Backup Critical Documents

If your business falls under state and federal business continuity regulations, you can be sanctioned for data loss or breaches even if the causes were beyond your control. You must have a plan in place to quickly recover in the event of a natural disaster. The plan must include off-site backup and electronic data retrieval which are both included with document management software.

A document management solution tailored to your business process is the ideal alternative to your insecure paper filing system. Document management software is also an outstanding adjunct to your business insurance policy. With this software, you can stay compliant and quickly recover from disasters.

If you’d like more information on document management software or to see if its right for your business, contact Digital Office Products today!