Running an environmentally friendly business is beneficial in many ways. From a humane perspective, it helps the Earth and the general population. However, it also can help the business itself too. By taking steps to reduce any negative environmental footprints, Virginia businesses often find these initiatives worth the investment.

Benefits of Becoming an Environmentally Friendly Business

While it might sound as if investing in green practices is burdensome for business, there are many benefits for organizations that have decided to turn over a new green leaf.

  • Cost savings – Being energy efficient in-house and streamlining fulfillment equates to lower utility costs, fewer packaging materials, and savings on transportation costs.
  • Positive brand promotion – People like businesses that show greener practices (87 percent have a positive view) and are more likely to patronize ones making an Earth-friendly commitment.
  • Build a more significant customer base – A better brand image equates to growth in loyal customers.
  • Boost employee morale – Employees want to feel good about their workplace. Businesses that promote environmentally friendly practices make employees feel safer, and these businesses tend to have lower employee turnover.

Many states are passing increased regulations regarding environmental practices. Even if a particular standard isn’t currently law, eventually, a regulation will be adopted. By demonstrating your organization is ahead of the curve when it comes to practicing environmentally policies in Virginia, it’ll project a positive image.

Ways to ‘Go Green’

There are many ways businesses can pursue green practices. Rather than spending money on transportation (and contributing to pollution), hold video conferences. Here are some other Earth-friendly ways to go green.

  • Recycle and reuse – Reusing existing materials or remaining stock means less landfill created. Look to reuse plastics and rubber materials.
  • Reduce paper use – Print double-sided instead of single, encourage employees to use scrap paper when able, shred paper so it can be used in other ways.
  • Buy green products – Using green products demonstrates an organization’s commitment to the environment.
  • Focus efforts on natural resource conservation – Use rainwater tanks or solar panels to decrease the organization’s usage of natural resources.

While it’s true there is often an upfront financial investment in green initiatives, over time, this outlay of cash equates to cost savings in the long-term. Plus, the benefit of a positive public image is worth its weight in gold. To learn more about how we can help your Virginia business go green, contact Digital Office Products today for more information.