Printing, scanning, and copying are essential functions in the modern workplace. In years past, each of these functions all had their own dedicated device. But a multifunction printer (MFP) can replace all three. It’s a single device that can handle printing, scanning, and copying. Here are three ways that an MFP can increase productivity in your office.

Many Functions, One Machine

You can get all sorts of functionality tailored to the needs of your business in an MFP. Many models can handle network tasks including faxing, scanning to network storage, and document automation. Models are available that can print front and back, staple and hole-punch copies, and print on unusual paper types and sizes.

Short of actually dropping letters in the mail, the right MFP can handle just about anything your business needs to do with documents. You can improve productivity by automating repetitive tasks in your business, whether that’s stapling and hole-punching or digitizing documents.

Reduce Costs, Now and Later

Buying one machine that can do five jobs is usually a little bit cheaper than buying five machines to do five jobs. But the savings don’t stop there. Replacing old, bulky machines with a new MFP will save you valuable floor and desk space.

You can save money on service, too. Every piece of office equipment eventually needs servicing, including MFPs. But with an MFP, you don’t have to juggle multiple service techs for different types of devices. And you don’t have to worry about multiple devices malfunctioning and sending your operation offline. With just one high-quality device, you can decrease equipment-related downtime.

Save Time and Hassle

Without an MFP, employees are often running from machine to machine to complete document-related tasks. Each machine has its own user interface. The buttons aren’t in the same places. And sometimes, one mistake down the line means starting the whole process over again.

With an MFP, employees can complete most or all their tasks from one machine, with a consistent user interface and intuitive screen-based controls. This saves them time and hassle, and in many cases, it improves the quality of the end product, too.

Replacing old equipment with an MFP improves office productivity by consolidating functions, reducing costs, and saving people time.  To purchase an MFP for your business, contact Digital Office Products today.