Network security not only allows your employees to remain productive with less computer downtime, but it also reduces your company’s risk of cyber theft by malware downloads. Cyber criminals look to steal personal and financial data or download viruses meant to cripple your business operations. Just one data breach can ruin a company, and the cost to protect your systems against malware is less expensive than replacing lost information and equipment.

What is Managed IT?

Staying on top of cybersecurity is an enormous task. Cybercriminals constantly create new ways to infiltrate business systems – especially those with unprotected hardware and outdated software. The main job of a managed IT service provider is to protect your computer networks from outside cyber threats and internal employee data mismanagement. Here are some services you can expect when you partner with a managed IT service:

  • Provides defense against current cyber technology
  • Assessment of your IT’s health and finding IT weak points
  • Recurring updating of software with most recent patches
  • Firewall management and network hardening
  • Monitoring of network for security threats

Harden Your Network Security

If you want to increase the security on your business computer networks, you will be faced with multiple ways a criminal can infiltrate your network, steal data, or destroy sensitive information. Not only that, employees often use weak passwords, open emails that are “phishing” for financial information, or go around “safe IT practices” that are easily defeated. You can increase your network’s security by partnering with a managed IT service provider that will access the health of your current network and install software developed to harden your systems.

A hardened network reduces the number of ways your systems can be attacked by reducing its vulnerability. The security of your networks can be hardened by removing software that is not needed and disabling unnecessary services. When you partner with a managed IT service provider, you get peace of mind that computer downtime is minimum and your business data is protected. Managed IT also provides the following:

  • Updating security patches
  • installing spyware protection
  • automatic virus updates
  • Installing a strong firewall
  • Closing unused ports
  • Creating a strong password policy
  • Monitoring system activity
  • setting up backup protocols

If you want to keep computer criminals out and employees productive, contact Digital Office Products today to increase the security of your business network. It doesn’t matter how large or how small your company is, computer breach and data theft are advanced. Allow us to provide enterprise-wide security for your computer networks to save you time, money, and liability.