Traditionally, the inkjet printer has been overlooked by businesses as a reliable office solution due to the common notion that inkjet printers are intended for consumers while laser technology is the ideal option for businesses. However, over the past few years, the inkjet printer has attracted a considerable amount of attention in the business world. Here is some information about why the inkjet color printer is the high speed and low cost printer your business is looking for.

The Advantages of the Inkjet Color Printer

Business inkjet printers have always been the more affordable option in comparison to laser printers. A few reasons for this include a simpler engine structure, greater energy efficiency, and versatility. However, in the past, inkjet printers also had many tradeoffs that pushed consumers away, such as software solutions, reliability, and paper handling. As a result, businesses often turned to other types of printers for their needs.

Modern technological advancements have allowed inkjet color printers to shed their historical tradeoffs while retaining their advantages. As a result, the business inkjet printing industry has grown significantly in recent years. Here are a few of the key advantages of the modern inkjet color printer:

  • Versatile printing technology – The print heads of an inkjet printer function by spraying droplets of ink. As a result, the head and the substrate never make contact. This makes it possible for businesses to achieve longer-lasting and brighter colors with more substrates.
  • Speed – For their price point, inkjet printers are some of the fastest printers available. Inkjet printers are so fast because they use fixed print heads that are the same width as a page. This allows an inkjet printer to print a single page in only one pass instead of multiple passes.
  • Sharp, accurate output – Current print heads of inkjet printers are able to spray ink droplets that are as small as 0.01 percent of the size of a human hair strand. The small size of these ink droplets means inkjet printers are able to achieve detailed, sharp, and accurate output. Manufacturers of inkjet printers have also spent a significant amount of time improving ink formulations to lower dry times, achieve higher-volume yields, and lower costs.

Recent technological breakthroughs have made the inkjet printer a viable solution for businesses. For more information about why your Washington, D.C. Metro Area business should consider the inkjet printer as a high speed, low cost office solution, don’t hesitate to contact us today.