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DocuWare Task Manager

DocuWare Task Manager

Improve Your Company's Workflow & Easily Automate Daily Business Processes

Use DocuWare Task Manager to organize daily work. Distribute documents promptly and efficiently to eliminate work slow-downs and bottlenecks. Find out how the Task Manager with Task List and E-Mail Notification can make your daily processes much easier to manage. Here is another reason to check out Task Manager: It’s a great way to keep colleagues that travel in the business process loop. Not being in the office becomes no excuse for not being in the know.

Task Manager is a license that enables two features in DocuWare – the Task List in Web Client and E-Mail Notification. Think of the Task List as an RSS feed for office work. DocuWare gathers the pending jobs and all you need to do is open DocuWare Web Client, click on the Task List and complete the task, which then it is removed from your list (unlike in a feed). This helps eliminate the work slow-downs and bottlenecks. In turn, the E-Mail Notification automatically lets you know when a new document has arrived. The e-mail includes a link to the document in your Task List.

Learn more at www.docuware.com.

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