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CONNECT to Outlook

CONNECT to Outlook

A Strong Team: DocuWare and Microsoft Outlook

Use CONNECT to Outlook to quickly store your email directly into DocuWare from MS Outlook. You can also easily search and access stored email to be certain you have the latest correspondence whenever you need it.

CONNECT to Outlook integrates seamlessly into your usual Outlook setup with its own DocuWare menu and context menu. Email can be stored in all standard formats: MSG (Outlook), DOC (Word), RTF, PDF, and PDF/A (long-term archiving format according to ISO standard). Attachments are archived in their original format.

The email is stored at the touch of a button, regardless of whether it is incoming or outgoing. If you want, a store dialog can open, showing you what index words will be used to store the email. A message appears to confirm the successful storing.

With CONNECT to Outlook storing email and attachments into the central document pool enables sharing of information. This is convenient for project collaboration or if you are out of the office. Email can be accessed via Windows Client, Windows Explorer Client, and Web Client. By archiving, you are making a significant contribution to helping workflows in your company to run smoothly.

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