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DocuWare Smart Connect

DocuWare Smart Connect

Direct Document Access from within Your Business Application

Access documents directly from the program you are working in with just the click of a button. DocuWare stores all kinds of business documents in one central, digital document pool. With Smart Connect, you can integrate everything that DocuWare has to offer directly in your business applications—without any additional programming.

How it works:

Smart Connect takes relevant search criteria to grab matching documents out of DocuWare. Since you set the search criteria, all related documents will be displayed. Process orders, check invoices, and clear up inquires—with Smart Connect all of the documents you need are available in seconds. Simply click on Smart Connect and make the most of the valuable information stored within your documents. For example, if you are working in an ERP or accounting system, just one click on Smart Connect and you’ll get a list of all the documents that belong to a business transaction. 

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