Today’s businesses deal in documents. Many companies receive hundreds or even thousands of documents each month in print or electronic forms, or both. Storing these documents can be a real headache. With manual filing, documents tend to stack up—either literally or in someone’s email inbox—and finding them later for retrieval can be a nightmare. Document management is software that digitizes (if necessary), catalogs, and organizes documents, and it can bring order to the chaos. Here are the top 5 benefits of a document management solution.

Access Documents Easily

With digital document management, you’re never searching through file cabinets or boxes to find a document. Instead, you’re searching digitally using a sleek, intuitive interface. You can search from your office computer or, in many cases, you can search remotely.

Improve Security and Compliance

Regulations in many fields (HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, GPDR) require that sensitive information not be left sitting on your network for anyone to see. Digital document management allows you to create and implement access levels, so that only those employees who need access have it. Make sure your document management solution supports the regulations relevant to your industry. Additionally, many document management solutions also offer automatic backup, giving you additional peace of mind.

Save Space

Have you ever been in an office that was drowning in file cabinets? Some firms have entire rooms or floors devoted to archival storage. With document management you can drastically reduce your need for physical document storage while remaining compliant with industry-based document storage and access regulations.

Save Time

Time is money, and trying to find stored documents can be quite time-consuming. Without document management, many professionals spend more time looking for documents than they do actually reading or using them. Document management solutions allow full text search of documents and can index documents by category, saving you time and money.

Collaborate and Flex Better

Physical document storage creates bottlenecks. If the only copy of Document A is buried in a pile on Nancy’s desk, everyone else in the organization who needs the document is at Nancy’s mercy. With document management, multiple people can access the document at once. And with version control, you can recover a previous version of a document should someone introduce inappropriate changes.

Document management is an essential tool in the modern workplace. DOP offers Drivve as one elegant document management software solution that makes sense for most businesses. Contact us today to learn how our document management solutions can help your Washington, D.C. Metro Area company thrive.