Despite the big push for a paperless society, the truth is paper is still an important part of life. Businesses rely on it for transactions, receipts, contracts, and marketing materials, to name a few. Many businesses still heavily rely on print and consider paper to be a critical part of their workflow.

As a result, copiers are a crucial aspect of office life. Many of today’s machines are also multifunctional devices, making them essential pieces of equipment. To keep things running smoothly, copier maintenance should be performed on a routine basis, here’s why.

Avoid Breakdowns

Whether using equipment for the occasional high-volume job or for regular frequency jobs, it’s important for copiers to be operational when needed. Copy machine maintenance can avoid breakdowns associated with:

  • Annoying issues, including paper jams.
  • Inefficiency and poor performance.
  • Routine wear and tear that isn’t remedied.

Much like any other machine, such as a car, copiers need attention to ensure tip-top performance. When routine maintenance is performed, the risks of copier breakdowns greatly diminish.

Reduce Downtime

When a copy machine goes down, it’s disruptive, ultimately having a negative effect on productivity levels. If employees cannot complete tasks or properly perform customer service, these inefficiencies impact the workflow and can leave a bad impression with clients. Not to mention, lost time is lost revenue. With a maintenance schedule, technicians can spot minor problems before they evolve into major malfunctions and avoid major periods of downtime.

Increase Efficiency, Speed, and Security

Poor copier performance is often associated with outdated software. Keeping software updated increases machine efficiency and speed. Additionally, consider the ways many copy machines operate much like computers and carry the same security risks. By establishing a routine maintenance schedule, technicians can apply necessary software patches or fixes to make sure the copier is up-to-date.


Copier maintenance reduces helps to eliminate the costs associated with costly breakdowns. Maintenance can be scheduled for a nominal fee or be under a contract whereas a breakdown, which often happens at the most inopportune times, tends to be expensive. Older models can still run in great shape when given attention, but even the top-of-the-line models need maintenance to make sure they continue to run at their best.

Establishing a schedule for preventative maintenance helps extend the life and efficiency of your copy machine. For more information on copier maintenance, contact Digital Office Products today to learn what solutions we can offer you.