Most businesses would struggle to survive if they awoke one day to find their data had become corrupted or inaccessible. Data is a valuable asset that needs protecting. Offsite backup is an excellent solution because whether your office, building, or even town, is disrupted due to manmade or natural events, your data will be safe.

Protection from Disaster

A disaster can be anything from an earthquake or flood to a calculated cyberattack. Think of all the circumstances that might cause a data loss.

  • A small business is the target of a cyberattack and data is wiped out.
  • An unexpected power loss occurs and short-circuits equipment.
  • A hard drive is saturated when a pipe breaks and an office is flooded.
  • A natural disaster destroys a business’ computers and servers.

These are only a handful of ways data can be destroyed or lost. Having backup copies of all pertinent data provides businesses the protection they need in the event a disaster. For instance, with offsite backup in Virginia, businesses located in earthquake or flood zones can rest assured knowing their data is safe and secure.

Practical Reasons for Office Backup

While a potential disaster is a good enough reason in itself to want a backup, there are also several other possible reasons that relate to a daily activity where this service can be a lifesaver.

  • Employee accidentally deletes important records or transactions.
  • If a ransomware attack occurs, data is easily retrieved rather than pay to get it back.
  • Backup is automatically performed, no more worries about remembering to run this task or if a file wasn’t saved.

Duplicate copies provide the peace of mind that only comes with knowing data will always be accessible, no matter what happens.

Frees up On-site Resources

Partnering with a company to provide backup services gives you the ability to reallocate more of your resources and save money on your budget.

  • Use up less onsite space because backup equipment and data vaults are all located elsewhere.
  • Reduce storage space on your existing servers because the backups are stored with your partner, putting less stress on your servers.
  • No concerns about testing your backup systems because a partner performs this task exclusively and routinely.

Offsite backup allows your business total scalability because the capacity available to you grows as your business does.

Finding a trusted partner is a way to ensure your business data is always protected. To learn more about offsite backup in Virginia, contact Digital Office Products today to see what solutions we can offer you.